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Yields1 Serving

Makes about 20-24 nuggets
Total Phe per nugget: 10 mg


 400 g Raw carrots
 20 g Instant mashed potato flakes
 10 g Dried minced onion flakes
 100 g Low protein baking mix
 6 g Egg replacer
 3 g Garlic powder
 seasoning, salt, pepper to taste

Put carrots into food processor. Chop until almost pureed (a paste with a little texture to it).


Put chopped carrots into a bowl and add the rest of the ingredients. Mix well. The mixture should be very thick, dry and smooth. Shape 10 gm balls into the shape of a “chicken nugget”.


Use finely ground lo-pro breadcrumbs to coat the nuggets (optional but the end result is better).


Drop nuggets into hot oil. A deep fryer works best, but a pan with about one inch of oil also works. Fry them for a minute or two (make sure your oil is hot) until they resemble a chicken nugget and are golden brown (these can be frozen and reheated in an oven to crisp them up).



These can also be made into “BBQ patties.” Add a little BBQ sauce to the mixture and shape into patties. Continue with the same directions. Serve on lo-pro english muffins with lettuce, tomato, and lo-pro cheese and some more BBQ sauce. Use info to determine the Phe count, depending on the size you make them.